Why We Need “Wonder Woman” Now

Now, more than ever considering our recent political climate, is a time when we need “Wonder Woman.” Released on June 2, 2017, DC Comics’ newest superhero film shifts from its usual protagonist. With Gal Gadot starring as Diana Prince, “Wonder Woman” certainly proves that “the future is female.”

In the superhero world, males have typically taken the lead. Spiderman, Superman, Batman; the list goes on and on. But “Wonder Woman” changes the game beyond just its title.

Diana hails from the hidden island of Themyscira, where males are nowhere to be found. Female Amazon warriors spend their days training in preparation for the anticipated attack from their foe, Ares. Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta, is on her way to becoming the greatest warrior the Amazons, and the world, have ever seen. However, suddenly, everything the Amazons know is turned upside down when a plane holding a man crashes on their shores. In awe of everything pilot and spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) tells her about the outside world, Diana leaves her family and heads to the heart of World War I to do all she can to save the world.

Currently, “Wonder Woman” has grossed $570 million worldwide according to Forbes, and that number is only expected to rise. It’s refreshing to see a film based in feminism receiving such a high rank.

Firstly, Diana is by no means a cookie-cutter character. She is complex, she is developed, and she has a story that needs to be heard and appreciated. While superhero movies may not be everyone’s first choice, even though they are presumed to be targeted for every audience, Wendy Ide for “The Guardian” acknowledges that “as a woman, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of ownership over the first female-led superhero flick since the lamentable Catwoman in 2004.” “Huffington Post” reporter, Jenna Amatulli, feels the same way considering, “‘Wonder Woman’ is certainly not perfect, but it is historic. It’s a huge oversight to ignore that for women, watching another woman save the world and take out the bad guys is a new and monumental experience.” Unlike most superhero films, “Wonder Woman” reverses gender roles and has Pine’s character acting as the damsel in distress. Diana saves Steve in more than one moment of the film, and it’s eye-opening to see.

Beyond all this praise, the film is also directed by a female: Patty Jenkins. That alone is a step in the right direction. Film, much like many other industries, is dominated by men. Jenkins’ work on the big screen is a breath of fresh air. Her craft behind the scenes paired with Gadot’s girl power taking screens by storm, is a match made in movie heaven.

As “Wonder Woman” enters its fourth week open in box offices, it’s not a movie to be missed. No matter who you are, “Wonder Woman” has something for everyone. Come in ready to laugh, and maybe even cry a little; but above all, be ready to learn what ladies really have in store.

Photo: DC Films

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