Ways to Keep Entertained on Long Haul Flights

Travelling long distances can be tedious. Although an amazing holiday awaits, for many, a long-haul flight is off-putting and a cause for anxiety. For this reason, preparing entertainment for your flight might not be on the top of your mind. Nevertheless, if thinking about the fun and adventures that await you on the other side isn’t enough to get you through, here are our recommendations for in-flight entertainment. 

Download a Series 

Fancy re-watching that seven season-long series that you binged a few years ago but simply can’t find the time? This is your chance! Long-haul flights provide you with an opportunity to have some valuable ‘me time’ and a chance to binge-watch a series without the guilt of feeling like a couch potato.

Read a Book

A classic. There’s nothing like a good book, and your long-haul flight provides you with the time to be emotionally invested in one. With the power of tablets and e-readers, you can now carry around a whole library of books on board with you (without taking up tons of luggage space)! 


Listen to a Podcast

Being able to listen to something empowering, entertaining or informational without having to watch a screen is the brilliance of a podcast. With a massive variety of genres, finding something of interest to listen to is easy. 

Do Some Colouring

Unwinding has never been easier than with adult colouring books. A fun way to sit back, relax and de-stress, colouring books can be purchased in most bookshops. It’s more than likely you can make a last-minute purchase of one in the airport too, helping the time fly by on your flight. 

Join the Flight Chat Room

On selective long-haul flights, there is a chat room within the in-flight entertainment, wherein each passenger on the flight can interact with each other. Who knows who you might get chatting to?! This interactive space is sure to keep you entertained throughout your flight. 

Write an Itinerary for Your Trip

Looking ahead at the adventures you’re going to have on your trip is an easy way to cast your mind away from the excruciatingly long flight. Writing an itinerary will simultaneously get you excited for your trip, while also ensuring organisation. This guarantees you the time to squeeze everything in, ensuring you won’t miss out on any hotspots. 

Download Games on Your Phone

Downloading a selection of gaming apps onto your smartphone is an entertaining way to kill time. Though more likely to keep children distracted than adults, there are games out there for everybody to enjoy. Make sure your favorite games don’t require internet access in advance of the flight!

Learn a New Language

If you are the kind of person that utilises the free time you have on an airplane to be productive, learning a new language is a perfect way to do so. Apps such as Duolingo are a perfect way to quickly and easily learn useful phrases, in an amusing and interactive way. 

Do a Face Mask

Skin tends to dehydrate quickly on flights due to the recycled air and low humidity; therefore, doing a face mask is a perfect way to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your skin, ensuring you are glowing as you step off the plane. 

So, there you have a selection of ways to try and make your long-haul flight less agonising. If these ideas only take up half the time of your flight, the simple solution of sleeping is free and is bound to kill some time in the air.

Lauren Taylor

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