To Those Who Fell For The Guarded

He made you feel special, didn’t he?

He kissed you in unfamiliar places and you ran your fingers through his hair and everything in your world was pure bliss.

You were happy with him.

The minute he packed his baggage and walked away from the romance you shared, he took your happiness with him. Do not let him steal that; it is not his to keep.

Falling for someone who struggled to reciprocate those feelings is just a lesson to be learned.

I do not wish to classify all boys under a file marked “guarded—keep out”. Some know how to love, whereas others fear their capability to do so.

Your story was about love. Not true love, but the lusting for it. You mistook his chivalry for something deeper, but you must not blame yourself. Do not blame him either.

Sharing a connection with someone is one thing, but doing something about it is another. I tried and I failed, offering countless chances he took for granted. That did not make me foolish, but rather kind hearted.

If someone is unwilling to open up, that is okay. That is the cue to walk away. If they do so first, take it as an omen to seek better things for yourself.

If a boy sets a fire in your heart and leaves you burning, do not blame yourself when you find ashes in the crevices of your most sacred places.

Your worth is so much greater than his decision to leave.

You are so worth loving.

The most important person in your world is yourself. Forget about the boy who kissed your nose and intertwined his body with yours that one morning. Forget that girl’s tousled hair and the curve of her smile. They may be exceptional, but so exceptionally wrong for you.

Before you can obtain closure or seek romance with another, it is vital to understand the love you have for yourself.

Buy yourself chocolate and flowers.

Draw yourself a bath with candles.

Write in your journal.

Drink tea.

Drink water.


Learn a new language.

Play video games.

Read a book.

Distract yourself from the burn and take some time to love yourself.

Written by: Kelly Peacock

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