The Thrift Shop in Mom’s Closet 

In a strange turn of events, it’s out with the new and in with the old. It appears that recent fashion has undoubtedly been rooted in a complete and utter blast from the past. Kendall Jenner’s wearing mom jeans, and we’re crossing our fingers that we didn’t toss the tattoo chokers we donned in elementary school. The 80s and 90s are back in full-force, making both cute and comfortable more attainable than ever. And though it’s great you can now swing by the mall and leave with a fresh, retro wardrobe, I have a hard time justifying dropping all that cash when mom’s (and maybe even dad’s) closet has a lot to offer. I guarantee there are some stellar pieces your parents have been waiting to throw out, evolving your style for free. The possibilities are endless if you know what to keep your eyes out for.

Oversized Everything

Oh-So-Cool Collars

A twist on the classic collared shirt, this piece capitalizes on the “boyish” fad. Hats off to dad for this one. Stripes are an all-time favorite of mine, but the variety of patterns doesn’t end there. A shirt like this tucked in to a pair of oversized jeans produces an outfit that’s hard to beat. Don’t forget your converse!

Edgy is In 

Claps to anyone who’s mastered the edgy and feminine vibe. Search for flannels because they can aid in adding a little punk to any outfit. If you’re lucky, mom and dad might have some band tees, and you can never have too many of those.

Thanks for the Denim, Dad

I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on this jacket. It can truly be matched with anything, changing up your look instantly. Distressed denim runs on the pricey side, so I’d consider this the ultimate steal. As far as jackets go, I’d suggest taking the shoulder pads out of mom’s old blazers. They can be game-changers, too.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

You’d be remiss not to explore the coveted jewelry box if mom gives the go-ahead.  Though the choker seems to dominate, button earrings and broches are fun contributions. Costume jewelry’s comeback is also prevalent. After all, you can never have too much glam.

You’ll never know what you can find in your very own home. Take a chance and wear something that’s out of your comfort zone. Use these pointers in a way that works for you. Remember the purpose of repurposing: Stray from breaking the bank, while bonding with your parents. What more could you want?

Photos provided by Christina Borst

Christina Borst


Christina is currently studying Public Relations and Political Science at Temple University. A native of Greater Philadelphia, she bears the self-proclaimed titles of Pixar connoisseur, concert junkie, and organizational goddess. She is a proud supporter of the feminist agenda.

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