The Return of the One-Piece Swimsuit

With the ocean breeze in my hair and a good book in my hand, I leaned back in my beach chair and stared out at the sea. As warm thoughts of the freedoms of summer filled my mind, I was happy to be making my first trip back to the shore this season. Inevitably, I started to people-watch and was quickly taken aback by one of my observations: most of the women, regardless of age, were wearing one-piece swimsuits, making the days of being bikini-clad a thing of the past.

As someone who has always felt more comfortable in one-pieces, I am over the moon about the newfound accessibility of these swimsuits. I would either have to search through a never-ending abyss of matronly suits in department stores or break the bank on a more age-appropriate one online. Now with its miraculous comeback, anyone can find a one-piece in any style imaginable. Off-the-shoulder and high cut looks seem to be the most popular, but numbers with cutouts, scooped necks, and lace-up bodices do not disappoint either. The low prices these can be found at make this summer trend all the more enticing. Cupshe, ModCloth, Aerie, and ASOS are just a few of my favorite one-piece providers.

Like any pseudo social scientist, I began to ponder the origins of the one-piece’s sudden resurgence. The past year has been filled with fashion comebacks. Mom jeans, oversized sweaters, and denim jackets were everywhere I looked. But I could not help but think that there was something more substantial at work with the presence of the one-piece swimsuit. I decided to think about why I have countlessly opted for a one-piece instead of a bikini for as long as I can remember. The answer was simple: I found one-pieces much more flattering on my body. I felt less self-conscious. It was easy for me to convince myself that I typically stood out in a one-piece, creating a nonexistent me versus them mentality. Women are attracted to wearing one-pieces because they embrace every shape. When it comes down to it, you should wear what you feel like yourself in and what you find flattering. We are redefining what it means to have a beach body one one-piece at a time.



Photos: Cupshe

Christina Borst


Christina is currently studying Public Relations and Political Science at Temple University. A native of Greater Philadelphia, she bears the self-proclaimed titles of Pixar connoisseur, concert junkie, and organizational goddess. She is a proud supporter of the feminist agenda.

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