The New Era of Youtube

I first began watching Youtube videos in middle school. As a 13-year-old, I was fascinated by makeup tutorials as I was just getting started with my love for makeup. I would sit at the computer and watch other girls around my age talk me through a smokey eye and the correct way to do winged liner, completely fascinated by their ability to apply makeup so effortlessly. Every week I’d go back onto Youtube and watch weekly videos, Q&A’s, and different challenges. I was subscribed to every single channel because they taught me something different. When most of the channels I was subscribed to began to look and sound the same, I lost interest. All of the excitement that came from the upload of a new video from my favorites became mundane. There seemed to be a lack of inspiration and excitement from the creators and as a viewer I could feel it. I would continue to watch different Youtubers hoping that they would be able to make me feel the same excitement I felt when I first discovered Youtube. This was my first introduction to vlogging videos. I could follow a day, sometimes a week in someone’s life, and feel as though I was getting to know the creator for more than their silly challenges and makeup tutorials. Every creators vlog channel was just them going about their daily life, mostly talking at the camera and not showing the viewer what they were doing, until Casey Neistat.

The first Casey Neistat video I watched was “The $12 McDonald’s Burger” where Casey and his friend Oscar go to the a new ‘fancy’ McDonald’s location in New York City where you can customize your own burger. The idea of watching two men make a personal McDonald’s burger and then review it isn’t really the most interesting but that’s where the editing comes in. Casey makes every second of his vlog interesting, you’re seeing New York City through a different perspective. I was finding myself watching every single one of Casey’s vlogs, completely immersed and fascinated by vlogs that were more like a movie. As I continued to immerse myself in Casey Neistat vlogs I realized just how boring everyone else was on Youtube. I didn’t feel excited to click on their videos because I knew what was going to happen, however, with Casey, you never knew what he was going to get up to. He uploaded a video everyday in 2015 and 2016 and no two videos were the same. Neistat changed the vlogging game and made other content creators rethink the way they edit their vlogs.

Through my love and admiration for Casey Neistat’s vlogs, I found Tre and Jae Richards of 4YallEntertainment’s vlog channel, 4YallVlogs. Tre and Jae are brothers who live in Toronto, a nontraditional Youtube market, and do sketch comedy on their main channel. Similar to Casey, Tre and Jae have a unique way of vlogging, they stray from the generic vlog style and make every single second exciting. Jae who is the one to edit the vlogs makes sure to put in these insane edits where as the viewer you’re conscious of how much work was put in and it makes the video just that much more great. One of my favorite vlogs is “Playing RATE THAT SKULLY in New York!”  you can see the humor that the brothers share and how they’re truly solidifying themselves as one of the best vlog channels on Youtube.

Casey and 4YallVlogs are my favorite vlog channels on Youtube. However, there are many other vloggers creating content that strays from the generic daily vlog. Monica Church and Sawyer Hartman are two people that are on the same wavelength as Casey when it comes to vlogs, uploading daily and making an effort to entertain their viewers. Jae and Tre are carving their own lane in the vlogging side of Youtube with their humor and insane movie-like edits. Vlogging is the new wave of Youtube and these are the names to look out for before they blow up, just remember you heard it here first.

Elham Mohamud

Lifestyle Director

Elham is twenty-year-old student, aspiring writer, and city lover stuck in Minnesota. A lover of quirky donut shops, professional athletes, attending concerts, and a consumer of too many iced caramel macchiatos.

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