A Glimpse of Vito’s Day as a Global Studies Sophomore at Temple University

Vito is a sophomore Global Studies major at Temple University in Philadelphia. He’s studying the International Security concentration of the Global Studies major and has an interest in counterintelligence. He also has two minors: French, which goes hand in hand with his internationally focused major, and Theater because his dream is to become an actor. Temple’s Theater program is one of the very few programs nationally that offers a practicum composed of students from all four years of schooling. 

8:00 AM: I uneagerly wake up to a deafening alarm. My first class of the day starts at 9:30, but I have to give myself at least an hour to be fully awake. I make a giant chocolate chip pancake and sit at my kitchen table mentally preparing myself for the long day. From my window, I can see the city has already come to life with traffic. 

Campus Crush Temple University
A much needed breakfast boost

9:30 AM : My first class, Intermediate French, is on the 4th floor of Anderson Hall, one of our two Liberal Arts buildings. I take the stairs everywhere I go, and I rarely try to use elevators. I hate the long lines and the way everyone packs in like sardines. 

12:00 PM : At around noon, I’m back in my apartment. Most students live in campus housing their freshman year and then live in housing further from campus the following years. Although my apartment building is technically considered off-campus housing, its proximity to campus allows me to go home throughout the day. Temple University has amazing food trucks lined up around campus, but for lunch, I usually eat something light like a bowl of cereal (with Oat Milk of course) or a cup of Easy Mac. 

2:00 PM : I go to my second class, Introduction to Global Studies. On Tuesdays, we sit around our seminar table and discuss the week’s articles. This week, we read three articles about defining terrorism which were published by the United Nations. From Gladfelter Hall, the other Liberal Arts building, the view is much better than the one from my kitchen. The red and orange building is where I live! 

Campus Crush Temple University building view
The view from Gladfelter Hall

3:20 PM : Global Studies just ended. Time to sprint across campus to get to my next class! I pass by the Bell Tower and Beury Beach where I often sit in the grass to relax. It’s one of my favorite places on campus. 

Campus Crush Temple University
Temple University’s Bell Tower

3:30 PM : Acting I is my third and final class of the day. To start class, we stretch and do a breathing exercise. Today, I have to perform two minutes of my daily life in front of the class. I chose the two minutes when I get back from class and scream into my pillow to decompress. I added my Theater minor last semester because acting classes allow me to shamelessly express myself. 

5:00 PM : I finished classes for the day! Tuesdays and Thursdays are my most busy days for class, but I also work at Temple’s Office of Undergraduate Studies Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; my week is spaced out nicely. My roommate Kyle and I are going to make pasta for dinner, but I have to nap first. 

9:00 PM : After napping, eating dinner, and doing laundry, I’m finally ready to start my homework. Tonight, I have to read an article about the National Security Agency for my Foreign Policy class. 

11:00 PM : My day is complete. Now it’s time to shower and watch BoJack Horseman until I knock out with my laptop light beaming on my face. The sound of the ever-present traffic outside is like a Philadelphian lullaby.

Vito Quaglia

Entertainment Writer

Vito is an aspiring actor who is currently pursuing a degree in International Affairs. He lives for upbeat music, spending time with loved ones, and scalding tea. He is a newfound city boy: originally from Scranton, now thriving in Philadelphia.

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