Squad, Serpents, and Season 2: Riverdale Returns  

Every Wednesday brings new Aura 32 articles and now, upon the return of season 2, new episodes of the CW’s Riverdale. In May, season 1 ended with a (literal) bang, and Aura 32 had our fair share of thoughts on this temporary conclusion. Finally, on October 11, Riverdale returned with a new mystery in the works.  

It’s been some time since we’ve seen Archie (KJ Apa,) Betty (Lili Reinhart,) Veronica (Camila Mendes,) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) sit together and share a burger at Pop’s Diner. Let’s see what these characters have been up to as the new chapter of our story commences. 


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Oh, where to start with our beloved “Archiekins”? The premiere of season 2 showcased Apa’s acting abilities on a whole new level. This episode revolved around the aftermath of the heart-retching shooting of Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews (Luke Perry.) Blood stained every ounce of Archie’s clothes as he carried and drove his father to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery.  

After initially standing his ground and refusing to leave his father’s side, Archie finally gives in and agrees to go home and change his clothing. Things quickly get “steamy” in the shower with his girlfriend, Veronica, before the duo gets into an argument. It’s during this scene that Apa really shines. A combination of rage, grief, and hopelessness, Archie can’t contain his emotions after Veronica unpacks his father’s sole belonging without his permission.  

It’s heartbreaking yet refreshing to see this new side of Archie. On the outside, Archie is a cookie-cutter jock; but this episode revealed that Archie is much more than just his looks. At one point, Archie states that ultimately he was actually a “coward” because he didn’t do more to save his dad. His friends quickly correct him by saying he did the best he could, but we know this grief has the potential to get the best of him. 

In the end, we see Archie guarding his front door at home, ready to fight off any villain that tries to hurt him or someone he loves. Archie is the ultimate damsel in distress turned knight in shining armor this episode, and we can’t wait to see what other roles he takes on this season! 


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At the end of season 1, Betty was head over heels in love with Jughead; and, her feelings have only grown. Fan favorite couple, Bughead, manages to continue to melt hearts even when more urgent matters seem to be at hand.  

Once again, Betty is holding her friend group together. She reassures Veronica that she’s being a good girlfriend and lends Archie a shoulder to cry on.  

The premiere didn’t dive into Betty’s own drama. For starters, her sister Polly’s (Tiera Skovbye) pregnancy and her boyfriend becoming a Southside Serpent. It’ll be interesting to see the arch her character takes this season.  


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Anyone up for a mimosa in the morning? Veronica is back, pearls and all, and ready to reclaim her Riverdale throne. Not only that, but she’s also wearing a wedding dress! We see Veronica walking down the aisle, to who else but Archie, in one of Fred Andrew’s flash-forwards while he is in a coma.  

Back in reality, what better way to show your support as a good girlfriend than a little shower sex to lighten the otherwise somber mood? Veronica also continues her efforts of attempting to comfort Archie by unpacking Mr. Andrew’s belongings from the hospital. Unfortunately, her efforts have less than ideal results; but, being the strong feminine character she is, V stands her ground and refuses to let Archie’s anger overshadow her good intentions.  

Finally, Veronica has her own family troubles to worry about. Her father, Hiram Lodge, is finally in the picture. After kissing daddy hello, Veronica is reminded, or rather threatened, by her mother that, “You are a Lodge before anything else.” These are words to live by in Riverdale where, in the end, it’s every man for himself when a murderer is on the loose. 


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Last but not least, our final squad member is Jughead Jones. While things finally start looking on the bright side for Jughead considering his relationship with Betty, it wouldn’t be Riverdale without drama intertwined with dreams. Jughead faces the dilemma of whether or not he will become loyal to the Southside Serpents. From the looks of it, between ending season 1 by trying on a Serpent jacket, and picking up Betty on a motorcycle in the premiere, Jughead seems to be swaying towards a certain side.  

As well, Jughead reveals to Betty that he won’t be staying with his new foster family after all. Instead, he’s staying in his father’s trailer after the unfortunate circumstances that surrounded his family last season.  

Will Jughead go to the dark side? Well, his black hair already has, so he’s only a few steps away towards a final transformation. 

The plot thickens as Riverdale returns. Catch Season 2, Episode 2 tonight on the CW. An “angel of death” has come to Riverdale. Stay tuned to see who the next victim is.  


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