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Seen everywhere, from cotton shirts to leather jackets, it is evident that embroidery is becoming quite the trend this year. I have yet to see a store that doesn’t feature at least one piece covered in intricate stitching. Although denim seems to be the “material of choice” for embroidery and embellishments, the detailing can be seen on almost any item of clothing. Here are just a few of our picks:




ASOS : $ 30.50

Free People : $128.00


TopShop : $68.00

Zara : $39.90


Urban Outfitters : $39.00

Free People : $78.00

These pieces have the ability to add interest to any outfit, whether the detail is the focal point or just a small pop of color. Pairing embroidered fashion pieces with those that lack texture can help emphasize the embroidery itself. If you wear embroidered bottoms, try pairing them with a solid-colored or loose fitting shirt; the opposite goes for embroidered tops. Some of our favorite looks include those which showcase the embroidery through the use of contrasting textures. Try styling your favorite plain white tee with a pair of embroidered jeans or choose a see-through embroidered shirt and loose fitting blue jeans to make the pattern the focus of your outfit. Play around with other embellished pieces by pairing a delicate flower pattern with jewels and studs (or even a leather jacket). By downplaying the other parts of your outfit, you are able to take advantage of the trend and remain casual.

Although hand-embroidery can be used to create these looks, advancements in embroidery software are to thank for this wide-spread trend. Doing the work by hand can easily take hours upon hours to complete and of course can become costly for companies looking to feature the design. New machinery and software allows companies to embellish pieces with the stitching in order to ensure uniformity and additionally quicken the process. Machines can even add jewels or studs to the pieces along with the desired embroidery design. Because of this, the industry for embroidered clothes can increase greatly. With all of the development of new tools in the fashion industry, we couldn’t be more excited to see where the trend goes next! Make sure to let us know your favorite ways to style embroidered pieces!

Looking to achieve this look yourself? While items sold in stores are made with an embroidery machine, embroidering by hand is still a great alternative. Whether you already know how, or are looking to learn, there are countless tutorials and designs on youtube to try out. Here are just a few:

7 Basic Embroidery Stitches

DIY Embroidered Signature Jacket

DIY Embroidery Rose

DIY Tumblr Embroidered Quote Tee Shirt



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