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Chelsea boots – or simply put, ankle boots –  seem to be a hot trend for both men’s and women’s fashion. This look will reach its full potential in the coming months when the weather begins to cool down. The versatile footwear can be sported in many different fashions, from running errands to straight up runway. Click the images to shop our favourite Chelsea boot looks for this fall!



The leather boot pairs well with (shocker!) additional leather, as well as other trends that help embody that retro-rock vibe, such as ripped dark denim, chokers, and baker boy caps.



These boots are an essential part to any stylish man’s wardrobe. While they come in an array of styles, they are best to be paired with a thinner cut pant so that the leg doesn’t hide the shoe. Additionally, these looks pair well with other staple pieces such as warm coats, dress shirts, and classic jumpers.



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