Why Sex Education Should Be Your New Netflix Binge

It has been a month since Sex Education dropped on Netflix. Whether you binged it in a day or took your time savoring every episode, chances are you’re still thinking about it a month later, we certainly are! Is it still fresh in your memory because of the mind-blowing sex scenes? Or maybe you implemented some of Otis’ dating advice into your own relationship. Wait, it’s obviously because of Asa Butterfield’s good looks. No matter the reason, Sex Education should be on your Netflix radar if it wasn’t already. Need more persuading? Aura 32 has compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to watch Sex Education

1. Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn  

Frankly, if it weren’t for Asa Butterfield I’m not sure I would have ever clicked on Sex Education. And as long as we’re being honest, he’s also the main reason I continued watching after the first episode (not going to lie, the first episode is sort of lackluster, but definitely keep watching because the series becomes amazing). Not only is he physically adorable (I mean he’s tall with dark hair and blue eyes, I’d find it hard to believe he’s not everyone’s type), he is also spectacular in the role of Otis Milburn. 

Son of a sex therapist, Otis uses his mother’s profession to his benefit at school by beginning a sex advice clinic in hopes of breaking out of his wallflower stereotype. Sensitive, genuine, and an all-around sweetheart, Otis is the heart and soul of Sex Education and Asa Butterfield plays him beautifully. His awkward demeanor and good intentions are infectious to watch, what other reason could you possibly be waiting for? 

2. The Good, Bad, and Especially Ugly Sides of Sex 

Sex Education has done a great job of normalizing just how awkward sex can be. Despite being a sex expert, the show’s dramatic irony stems from Otis being the textbook definition of a virgin. Yet, it’s the moments when Otis struggles with his own sexuality that the show really shines. Needless to say, with the title Sex Education, there certainly is a lot of sex.

In fact, every episode (including the first scene of the series!) displays an intensely graphic and often awkward sex scene. If these moments aren’t really your cup of tea, simply cover your eyes for five minutes before the true episode begins. These explicit sex scenes ultimately seem out of place given Otis’ sincere advice and the beneficial messages of the show. After all, this is television, and sex equals ratings; but stick around for the true aftermath of these steamy events, they’re the real moments to watch for.  

3. Not Just Sex Education

This is a teenage-targeted show revolving around sex, what important issues could it possibly be tackling? You’d be surprised, there’s too many to name and we don’t want to give away too many spoilers. But most importantly, Sex Education gives a raw, refreshing perspective on the topic of abortion. This is one of the show’s strongest episodes. If you cannot commit to watching the series, it’s definitely worth skipping to this impactful moment. Not only does Sex Education show the honesty involved with sex, but it also shines a light on important issues that shows often shies away from depicting accurately.  

4New Actors 

Sex Education - Maeve Wiley
(Jon Hall/Netflix)

Asa Butterfield has been known and loved as a childhood star. However, alongside him in Sex Education are some new faces who do not disappoint. Emma Mackey plays Maeve Wiley, a loner, and rebel with a bad reputation who is struggling to make ends meet. Thus, she employs Otis as a sex therapist while tracking appointments at their clinic and splitting the money. Maeve definitely doesn’t have a sunny disposition but that just adds to her underlying charm and charisma. 

Rounding out the main three characters is Ncuti Gatwa as Eric. Let me set the record straight, there is no bigger reason to watch Sex Education than for Eric. Once you begin watching, Eric speaks for himself. His character is one to root for. I promise you’ll instantly fall in love and simultaneously want to be best friends with this well-rounded character played by an amazing new-coming actor.  

5. Diversity  

Much like other categories on this list, Sex Education does a great job of exposing their audience to topical themes. Diversity is no exception and definitely takes the forefront of this series. From Eric’s openly gay identity and African heritage to Maeve meeting her boyfriend’s two mothers, Sex Education strives for inclusivity across sexualities and race. It is refreshing to see such a diverse cast and subject matters receive the recognition and prominence they deserve in a Netflix series. Just wait until you see Eric and Otis cosplay as Hedwig, Eric is the queer iconic queen we all deserve to see take center stage.   

Season 1 of Sex Education is currently streaming on Netflix with Season 2 already announced. Comment your thoughts about this new hit series. Will you be watching?  

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