How to Build a Productive Workspace

With all of the distractions and temptations surrounding us 24/7, it can be a challenge to stay productive and focused. Whether trying to study or simply knock some tasks off your “to-do” list, building yourself a productive workspace can do wonders. Here are a few of our tips to ensure that your workspace encourages you to do your best!

1. Comfort

Being comfortable in is the first step towards a productive workspace and concentration. It’s impossible to get work done if you are uncomfortable. The best place to do so is at a desk or table; choose one that works for you. That can be a standing desk or even your kitchen table! Being in your bed may be the most comfortable, but try and choose a space that helps you mix comfort with concentration.

2. Focus

Remove distractions from your space! Cell phones, laptops, or any other electronic devices should be out of sight if not necessary. Turning your phone over doesn’t mean you won’t take a look every few minutes for new messages. If you must use electronic devices while working, try to take advantage of apps like Forest which increase focus and prevent distraction.

Productive Workspace Organization

3. Organization

Clutter can be detrimental to maintaining a productive workspace. Limit yourself to keeping a few basics at your desk. Items you are not using can be stored away or put to the side until needed. This will help you center in on the task at hand.

Productive Workspace Convenience

4. Convenience

Nothing disrupts a work session like realizing important items are in another room. Make sure before you get started that all of the items you will need are at your workspace or within reach. Whether this means ensuring extra pens are nearby or that you have your favorite snack at hand, I guarantee there will be a difference. If you find yourself making these excuses to get away from work, consider planning break time in between your work session.

5. Lighting

Although the lighting of your space might not seem important, it can most definitely make a difference! Consider the time of day you feel most productive and try to replicate those conditions. I find myself most working best with minimal lighting; my desk lamp does the job just fine. However, you might find that natural lighting works best. My only advice is: if you have to squint to see your what you’re doing, you may want some more light.

Productive Workspace Lighting

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