I Renovated a 1997 Viking Pop-up Camper | Photo Diary

Unfortunately, traveling this summer isn’t an ideal option. If you’re tired of being stuck indoors, you’re probably looking for any option that will get you out and away for a weekend. It seems like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of going camping if you, like myself, haven’t before. Although it’s as easy as buying or borrowing (or renting, can you even do that?) a tent and heading out – glamping is much more my scene. Luckily, my boyfriend Eric bought a pop-up camper last year and we made renovating it our quarantine project. We thought we’d share how we transformed the interior for less than $1,000.

Paint & Floor

Ceiling, table, + bench: We wanted to work with blue and grey paint so for the ceiling, table, + bench. We used Valspar paint and primer 2000 in the shade Retro Colonial Blue (linking the sample size).

Cabinets: For cabinets, we went with the Valspar paint and primer 2000 in the shade Stone Mason Gray (sample linked). Eric decided to sticker bomb the fridge that was covered in wood. He selected a package of camping themed stickers from Amazon. We plan on purchasing more stickers from the campgrounds and parks we stay at and adding more in the future but this was a fun start!

Floor: The floor really brought together the entire look of the camper and made it feel refreshed. We went with the Traffic Master Peel and Stick vinyl in Walnut Ember Grey Wood.


Throw pillows: I bought these (Fired Up & Happy Camper both in light grey) from Etsy for Eric last Christmas, before we discussed what the finished camper would look like. I’m so glad I purchased these! They were a bit pricier but they make the vibe much more cozy. The best part is that they weren’t just the pillow covers but came with the insert too. The pillow itself is super soft and perfect for leaning against and getting cozy.

Throw pillow: We wanted one more pillow to add to the space to make it more comfortable for guests. While at Ikea, we found the perfect basic set. The cover and insert were bought separately, both at Ikea in their pillow section! Cheap and comfy so you can’t go wrong with that!

Bed pillows: We went with the Serta Sertapedic Superfirm pillows for the bed and I think this was the right choice for us. However, it all depends on preference and they were all similar prices for the different variations. They were good enough quality that I would purchase again for a camping situtation.

Cushion covers: Originally, Eric was planning to completely reupholster the cushions. But, he found these maroon cushions on Amazon that were slipcovers which turned out to be the best idea. For the top ones, he did staple them to the back of the cushion because they were a bit big. But, what I like about them is that we can always take them off and wash them.

Bench cushions: I was unsure about these cushions when Eric first picked them up in Walmart but they have become one of my favorite purchases we made for the camper. They’re the perfect size and make sitting on the bench a lot more comfortable. We intended to buy a body pillow-like cushion for the bench but decided to use these instead.


Sheets: Like the pillows, we went for basic gray Mainstays sheet set from Walmart (which included the pillow cases).

Blankets: Instead of a duvet, we decided to get fleece blankets for the beds and chose this checkered one from Walmart. The pink throws (couldn’t find a link) were also from Walmart and we plan to use them both outdoors at night and indoors if it gets chilly!


Lamp: This table lamp was a cute last minute find by Eric at Ikea! After a few movie nights in the camper, he wanted a lamp that would add a more light to the space but wasn’t as bright as the overhead lights.

Trays: The trays are a great find for serving and for making the counter space look fancier. I also love the wooden look and gold touch! The larger tray is from Better Homes and Garden at Walmart and the smaller storage box is from Target (not exact, something similar linked).

Crates + storage: Let’s be honest, you can’t expect to go to Target and not come away with an absurd amount of storage bins. We bought both these fabric cubes (not pictured) for the trunk and cabinets and the bins (pictured above, not linked) that were similar but shorter and wider where we had double shelves.

Garbage can: Basic, from Ikea. We thought we needed something for smaller amounts of trash within the camper itself.

Overall, I am so proud of how the finished product looks! There are still some adjustments to be made since Eric is not content unless it’s trip ready! Hopefully this helps you with inspiration to go camping or to make your camping space more comfortable!

Liv Fitzsimons

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