Planning a Last-Minute Summer Holiday

With so many beautiful destinations to choose from, and keeping your budget in mind, the prospect of organising a holiday abroad can prove very stressful; and with so many contrasting holiday booking websites, it can be very confusing.

Ensuring your holiday doesn’t break the bank (or you!), we have organised some tips for booking your perfect spontaneous getaway. 

Decide Your Budget

Before you get ahead of yourself and order a new pair of sunglasses, it’s important to set a price budget. Although staying in a gorgeous 5* all-inclusive hotel with seven pools in Mexico might be up your alley, it’s vital to remember that money doesn’t grow on trees and this may be slightly out of your price range. Once you have decided roughly how much you want to spend on your holiday, you’re ready to browse!

Browse Destinations 

This is probably the hardest part. Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday, an exploratory adventure, or a combination of the two, the choice is yours. 

Holiday in London

Research Research Research!

Researching holidays can be extremely time-consuming. There are endless websites, airlines, and details to consider: inexplicit added charges including baggage, hotel transfers and reserving seats on the airplane. 

But wait! Before you dive straight ahead and book, make sure to check for deals or airline sales you might have missed. Ryanair often have seat sales where you can fly for as little as £9.99 (or less!). Skyscanner is another helpful website, filtering out the cheapest flights and offering hotels and car hire. 

Checking holiday comparison sites for the latest deals, such as, are also great ways to save valuable time and money. These sites compare thousands of holidays to best suit your criteria, giving you a piece of mind and a brilliant price. 

Check in with a Travel Agent

It’s important to remember that high street travel agents do exist and can be helpful when for planning a last-minute holiday. Generally, agents have access to discounts that the public doesn’t, so popping into your local travel agents may prove worthy!

Holiday at the beach

Research for Potential Discounts

Websites such as Wowcher or Groupon offer vouchers that save money on products, services or holidays. Although the vouchers may not match up to your designated travelling dates or preferred destination, there is no harm in checking these sites out just in case.

Sign up to Newsletters 

Signing up to email newsletters from airline sites are one of the best ways to obtain the latest deals as soon as they are available. Websites such as Jack’s Flight Club scrutinise the web to find the cheapest flights and hidden discounts. You’ll want to get these notifications delivered right in your inbox!

Keep an Open Mind

If you’re booking an extremely last-minute holiday, being flexible is key. This can be the dates you can go, journey times, or simply not sitting next to your travel companion on the flight. Flexibility with your travel can open your mind to doing something you may not have considered before. This is a perfect way to enjoy a summer that you will not forget.

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