Fashion month kicked off this past week, meaning that exquisite style will be decorating both the streets and catwalks of the most glamorous cities on earth. And for this month, Aura 32 will be releasing weekly spotlights on some of our favorite shows from each city. For our first installment, we will be kicking it off in the Big Apple!

Sachin & Babi – Fall Florals

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A label created by married couple Sachin & Babi Ahluwalia, their latest line of luxurious evening wear to the runways of New York City. According to their website, (sachinandbabi), the collection mixed Indian and English influences by “pairing English rose prints with Maharani necklaces and Cambridge stripes with Jodhpur sleeves.” The pair were both born and raised in India, but met when studying fashion in New York.

While the show oozed Bollywood glamour and British aristocracy, I must say that I was immediately attracted to the floral print they chose for fall/winter. Florals are something that are typically reserved for Spring, but by enlarging the prints and adding darker notes (plus setting them on black), they become perfect for the latter months. The look on the left is a perfect example of how well the label combined two cultures, by taking a traditional Indian cut of the coat and adding the English element of roses. This is definitely a brand that I will be keeping an eye on come S/S season!

Cushnie et Ochs – Tailored Jumpsuits

Founded in 2008 by Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, this label is perfect for any Lady Boss (Beyonce and Michelle Obama have worn this brand). The designers use sleek lines and impeccable tailoring to make subtle yet classic pieces. The fusion of sleek lines and femininity and  these elements of design created a stunning runway show in New York. What attracted me to the collection were their jumpsuits. You can see how well they are made and from the way that they fit that these are quality garments. Jumpsuits are the type of clothing that need to fit to have the full effect. Cushnie et Ochs full range of jumpsuits are suitable for both day and night.

Oday Shakar – Drop-Waist Dresses

Designer Oday Shakar’s lifelong love affair with fashion lead to him releasing his self-titled label in 2008. His experiences as an Arab-American are present in his designs by his blend of Middle-Eastern and Western designs.

I got a very 1920’s glamour vibe from his recent collection shown at NYFW. The fur and the sequins all added to the “Great Gatsby” aura, but it was the use of drop-waists that made the collection stand out. This simple change in waistline adds a vintage touch to any dress, as well as the classiness of traditional 20’s fashion.

All these designers managed to make showstopping garments from fusing cultures of using the juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity to tell stories through their fashion. The experiences of first generation Americans can be seen through prints and cuts, while femininity in the workforce is represented by sleek lines and precise fits. These designers tales of duality are fitting to the diverse backdrop of New York City.

Join us next week, as we do our fashion roundup for London Fashion Week!

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Jamie Hoholuk

Fashion Director

Jamie is a third year journalism and communications student from Vancouver, Canada. Her writings focus on nonfiction storytelling, film and media, as well as social media and decoding its societal effects.

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