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Global News

Coronavirus Cases Top 10 Million Worldwide

As the world adjusts to life amid the pandemic, the virus continues to spread viciously and rapidly. Johns Hopkins University has reported that worldwide cases have surpassed the 10 million milestone. Restrictions are being eased in European countries, and they have not seen an extreme rise in cases since locking down. A large portion of the new cases are the Americas in densely populated countries such as the United States and Brazil. Countries in South Asia and Africa are also seeing a rise in cases, but are expected to peak by the end of July. The death toll has passed 500,000. 

EU Places Ban on American Tourists

The European Union announced that tourists from the United States would be banned from entering as the U.S. is having difficulty trying to contain Coronavirus. Europe, which was hit hard by the virus a few months ago, has been moving along a path of recovery for the past couple of weeks. European leaders fear that American tourists would reintroduce COVID-19 to their countries. Tourists from Russia, Brazil, and India will also be barred from entering. 

Crisis in Yemen Deepened by Coronavirus

Yemen’s healthcare system, weakened by years of civil war, now must manage a rise in Coronavirus cases. The UN reported that without billions of dollars in funds, many of their institutions in Yemen are going to be forced to close. Citizens of Yemen are facing several humanitarian crises at once as famine, Cholera, war, a lack of clean water, and now Coronavirus are affecting the Middle Eastern country. 

To find organizations aiding Yemen, please visit here.

US News

Black Lives Matter Protests Enter Second Month

(Joao Pereira)

Protests against police brutality have been occurring across the United States since May 26th when the murder of George Floyd sparked civil unrest in Minneapolis. Demonstrations held countrywide showed hundreds of thousands of Americans fighting for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and many other Black Americans killed by police. This weekend marked an entire month of protests across the country. 

Trump Prioritizes Statues Over Lives

President Trump recently signed an Executive Order that would allow for protesters to be “prosecuted to the fullest extent” if they attempted to deface or destroy national monuments depicting racist Confederate leaders. This order comes after a group of protesters attempted to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson, a president known for his support for the genocide of Native Americans. His previous Executive Order on police reform accomplished virtually nothing, with the President only encouraging police to stop killing innocent people (which should go unsaid). 

Coronavirus Cases Rise in Many States

States such as Texas, Florida, and California have experienced a large influx of new COVID-19 cases as restrictions were eased. Hospitals in Texas reported that they are nearing full capacity. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott (R), and the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis (R), previously stated that they opposed closing their states in order to gain political support from President Trump. Both governors have backtracked their statements as the death tolls in their states continue to rise. 

Pop Culture News

Kylie Jenner Accused of Not Paying Workers

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

The young billionaire faced online backlash after news was reported that she has not paid company workers in Bangladesh. Her clothing line, Kendall + Kylie, is currently owned by Global Brands Group. Global Brands Group is accused of not paying their factory workers due to a drop in sales because of the Coronavirus crisis. Jenner has limited the comment sections under her Instagram pictures because of the large amount of comments calling out this behavior. 

YouTube Stars Apologize for Past Behavior

Two big names on YouTube, Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson, posted videos this weekend as a form of apology for their past actions. Marbles, who apologized for racist remarks, has made the decision to leave YouTube. Her apology was widely accepted. Dawson, on the other hand, has many years of poor decisions to address. His past comments sexualizing minors and using blackface resurfaced over the weekend. Unlike Marbles, Dawson will most likely not be forgiven by social media users.

Celebrities Finally Speak Out on Their Racism

Amid the current cultural climate of the U.S., many celebrities are speaking out against racism they exhibited in the past. TV shows such as Family Guy and BoJack Horseman apologized for casting white people to voice their non-white characters. Other shows such as 30 Rock and The Golden Girls removed episodes that contain blackface. While this is a step in the right direction, very few names in Hollywood have done much to further the Black Lives Matter cause. 

Music News

Phoebe Bridgers Named “The Master of Collapse”

Cover of Punisher

The 25-year-old indie rock musician released her second solo album, Punisher, last week. The album received acclaim, with Pitchfork naming her the “Master of Collapse” and giving the album an 8.7 rating and “Best New Music” title. Bridgers has amassed a large following in the queer community as her music often talks about her relationships with other women.

Arca’s Multi-layered “KiCk i” 

Cover of KiCK i

The musician’s fourth studio album displays her astounding range of talent. The Venezuelan-born artist showcases her ability to blend genres as a post-pop pioneer. The album features several guest appearances from SOPHIE, Rosalía, and Björk. 

Chloe x Halle Deliver Stunning New Album

The R&B sister duo released their second studio album, Ungodly Hour, earlier this month. Rolling Stone called the album a “beautiful example of sister solidarity”. Of the group, Chloe writes most of the music, but both sisters come together to perform their songs as one amazing harmony. Halle has been cast to play Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live action The Little Mermaid.

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