Natalie’s Every Day Makeup Routine

Everyone has their go-to makeup look. Whether it’s drugstore or high-end products, brushes or sponges, there’s something to be said for a reliable routine. Fresh Faces will share the Aura 32 community’s staple makeup looks for every occasion.

Filmmaker, Natalie Ulloa, takes us through her every day routine!

Products used:

Which of Natalie’s every day essentials will you be adding to your routine?

Natalie Ulloa

Filmmaker and Video Producer

Natalie is a twenty-year-old media studies and production major. Originally from NYC, she currently attends university in Philadelphia.  Her interests include music, film, fashion, and pop culture. When she is not working on a film or new video ideas, you can catch her listening to music or binge watching the latest show on Netflix.

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