Midnight Prey

Please be aware that the series below may be triggering to some people.

The following images focus on the vulnerability of women during nighttime. The uncertainty and unpredictability of simply walking alone can paint women as an easy target, almost as if they are washed in bright red light. This feeling is one of complete loneliness and solitude. While it may seem like a trivial thing to men, even actions like catcalling can create a feeling of fear and paranoia within the psyche of women. These images are meant to emphasize the disgusting nature of sexual assault towards women, a nature that deems them as no more than prey.

Photography by: Ethan O’Grady

More of Ethan’s work can be found on his website here.

Ethan O'Grady


Ethan is currently a college freshman, but more importantly an aspiring artist and photographer. Much of his inspiration for his photos comes from his obsession with fashion, music, fine art, and exploration of the human form. Aside from photography, Ethan is widely involved in theatre in school and around his community.

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