Making Extra Income in College

College is about making memories and getting a degree to set yourself up for the future. At the same time, going to college can bring a lot of financial stress. Living on a college budget can be difficult especially with the gloomy student loan cloud floating above you. If you are looking for a way to earn some extra income I have listed some suggestions below.

Donate Plasma

Although this option isn’t made for everyone, it is a great option to make some extra money on your own time. Each donation takes around an hour out of your day, and you can go at your own convenience. I donate through Biolife Plasma and make a minimum of $70 donating twice a week. There are usually special deals where you can earn more each month, and the app will send out extra coupons. In addition, you are making a difference in the lives of others as the plasma donated goes to people in need.

Ambassador Positions

There are a lot of companies looking for an outlet through which to reach college students. Therefore, brand ambassador positions are a great way to connect a company with the students that go to your university. One of my friends became an ambassador for Amazon and had the opportunity to promote Amazon Student Prime on Campus. Likewise, I have been fortunate to become St. Cloud State University’s first Pearson Campus Ambassador. This opportunity has allowed me to not only connect with students at my university but also students from across the United States.

There are monthly calls that include the “projects” to be completed. Our projects range from surveys to focus groups to campus events. I will also be starting another ambassador position through Katapult in the fall. Katapult helps students 0-2 years out of college find full-time positions around the Twin Cities area. It will be rewarding to assist recent college graduates in finding fulfilling positions.

Various Gigs

Working at different events around the area can be a great way to make money and have fun. I have done various events through Extreme Marketing and Shiftgig (there’s an app!). After filling out an application to work with them you will be notified about events near you. I have worked pop-up display events where Extreme Marketing will send me a display and either coupons, brochures, or sampling items to then set up in various stores. Through Shiftgig I have worked silent auction events where I check people in and help them bid on items. The versatility of the events is specifically the most exciting part. And, you only have to apply to the events that you are available for.

There are many ways to make money in college in a non-traditional way, you just have to look! All of the positions above are extremely flexible and allow you to also work part-time.

Sarah Ambuehl

Lifestyle Writer

Sarah is a Marketing Major with a Global Business Minor. Aspiring to travel the world and help others along the way through nonprofit work. She enjoys exploring new places, photography, painting, and caring for her plant babies.

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