Ending Summer on a High Note with Joywave & Cold War Kids

Coming to the end of summer concert season is never easy. Luckily, the Home of the Strange Tour coming to Philadelphia’s Festival Pier was the perfect way to close it. Before the headliners, Young the Giant, enchanted the crowd, Joywave and Cold War Kids each graced the stage.

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Joywave was up first, an indie-rock group from New Jersey, and set the tempo for a night of solid performances. The group consists of Daniel Armbruster, Sean Donnelly, Joseph Morinelli, Benjamin Bailey, and Paul Brenner. Their electronic based tracks were well received by the audience which was comprised of a mixture of fans that knew every word by heart and those unfamiliar with the band but still able to enjoy the performance. Combining their setlist with newer and older releases, Joywave’s “It’s A Trip,” “Doubt,” and “Tongues” dazzled the audience.

Cold War Kids
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Cold War Kids

Hailing from LA, Cold War Kids were welcomed warmly by the crowd gathered at the Festival Pier on a warm, end-of-summer night. Cold War Kids played new songs and fan favorites from their catalog to provide a diverse performance. Their set included a thoughtful dedication of “Mexican Dogs” to those affected by the DACA repeal. They shared how an older song of theirs has taken on a whole new meaning in recent times. The lead singer, Nathan Willet, stated that “we want to say that these are the bravest people in this country.” Other songs performed by the group included “All This Could Be Yours,” “Restless,” and “Something Is Not Right With Me.” Offering a refreshing change to the setlist, Cold War Kids also surprised the audience with a cover of “Love On the Brain” by Rihanna, highlighting their versatility.

Joywave will be back in Philadelphia touring with The Aces and The Demos at the Foundry on November 15th!

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