How I Got Hired: Digital Marketing Coordinator at Epic Records

Are you absolutely terrified by the job search? We understand that finding the right role and company can be overwhelming, scary, and simply not fun. We’re digging deeper into media positions worldwide to find out where, why, when, and how young creatives accepted their first job offer.

We spoke with Shelby Schumitzky about her work at Epic Records from intern to full-time Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Aura 32: What is your current job title? 

Shelby Schumitzky: I’m currently a Digital Marketing Coordinator under the marketing division of Epic Records.

A32: What does a typical day look like in this position?

SS: I know it’s so stereotypical of me to say, but as a Digital Marketing Coordinator I truly never have the same day twice! My day varies greatly depending on what projects are most active and what releases we have that week. Some days are slower and on some I can’t catch my breath. There is a bit of admin work and departmental support (scheduling, taking calls, expenses for my boss, handling our department’s financing, etc.) but the vast majority of my work is more creative.

I work across 15+ projects both independently and collaboratively with other members of my team. Our job is to make sure that people know about our artists and the music, and get fans excited for new releases. We create digital rollout plans, posting schedules, and community management plans for our artists to help build fanbases and make our songs and artists go viral. I also do a lot of copywriting as well as handle some design and video editing for our department (graphics, animations, gif stickers, video cutdowns, etc.). 

A32: Did you study this industry at university? Did you picture yourself in this role post-grad?

SS: In college, I studied Communications with a minor in Film, Television and Digital Media. I was interested in music and film, but never *studied* the music industry in university specifically. I did a lot of personal research on my own. However, many of the theories, ideas, and lessons I learned in my comm classes I use every day in the office and at my job. I had no idea where I was going to end up after graduation, but by the time I was interning in the spring, I knew I wanted to work in digital marketing.

A32: What was your work experience prior to being hired as a Digital Marketing Coordinator?

SS: I was a campus representative for two different companies at UCLA and interned at Fullscreen. Fullscreen is a social content company that works closely with creators, influencers and brands to grow and monetize their content. I also worked part time at the UCLA Writing Center on campus, which was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much about writing and about people in that position. 

A32: How did you find this job opportunity?

SS: I love this question because the answer is so serendipitous! I actually applied to Sony’s Internship program sometime around the end of my junior year of college. I blindly sent in my resume and didn’t think twice about it because I had been submitting every year! Someone at Epic (now a close friend and coworker) reached out to me and invited me to interview for a marketing internship!

From there, I interned under her and found that while I wasn’t thrilled about general marketing, I really loved digital. I sort of spent half of my time working under the digital team. They invited me to come back and intern in digital. I spent three months working my butt off for them. I realized that this was what I wanted to do and I gave it my all (came early, stayed late, helped with events, etc.). My boss eventually got me a meeting with our CEO, and she hired me on the spot for a full time role.

A32: How long did you actively job-search before you were hired?

SS: I started applying to jobs around March of my graduation year. I actually was offered a position at the same time that I was waiting to hear back from Sony. I used it as leverage to get an answer and I was finally offered the job! 

A32: What was the application process like?

SS: My application process was really my internship. I worked day and night to show them I was ready to play ball and it worked! 

A32: What advice do you have for our readers who may be looking for a job at your company or as a Digital Marketing Coordinator?

SS: Talk to everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Work hard. The music industry in particular is incredibly demanding so it takes some determination to make yourself stand out. Put your head down, do your work well, and show them what you’re made of!

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