How I Got Hired: Business Operations Associate at Microsoft

Are you absolutely terrified by the job search? We understand that finding the right role and company can be overwhelming, scary, and simply not fun. We’re digging deeper into media positions worldwide to find out where, why, when, and how young creatives accepted their first job offer.

We spoke with Aura 32 contributor, Mattea Nybo, about her work at Microsoft from intern to full-time associate.

Mattea Nybo - How I Got Hired Microsoft
Mattea Nybo

Aura 32: What is your current job title?

Mattea Nybo: I am the Business Operations Associate at Microsoft.

A32: What does a typical day look like in this position?

MN: Every single day is different. I usually start my morning grabbing a cup of coffee and working on projects and administrative tasks that I have to do. Then, I often meet with my coworkers or boss in the morning about upcoming work and goals for the future. I will work on some other projects such as our monthly newsletter, ordering for events, or responding to emails. Sometimes I’ll grab lunch with a friend who works at Microsoft or I’ll do a working lunch at my desk (Listening to Girls Gotta Eat, of course). In the afternoon, I could be hosting an event for my business group or attending more meetings. I often will help host students on campus or volunteer for community events through Microsoft. 

A32: Did you study this industry at university? Did you picture yourself in this role post-grad?

MN: I did not study the technology industry in school. I studied Communications and Business at my college but never knew I would be in the tech-field. The large and powerful Microsoft campus in my college town really intrigued me. I am from the area and grew up thinking that the best of the best in our community worked at Microsoft (which is somewhat true; there are AMAZING people at Microsoft AND a bunch of other companies too). I set my sight on it and randomly got paired with a mentor from Microsoft through my school. It’s my belief that this was the stars aligning. I figured that I would be working with people and I do that in a lot of ways through my job (events, communications, strategic thinking, and culture). 

A32: What was your work experience prior to holding this position?

MN: My first 3 years in college, I worked at the YMCA because I love working with kids. In another life, I would be a teacher. I knew that I wanted to get my “kid fix” before I had to get a serious internship. That serious internship came after my junior year when I got hired for Microsoft’s Student Experience Program, a program only offered in my city. I ended up staying on as an intern all throughout my senior year. After I graduated, I started working at Microsoft full-time as a vendor (aka temporary contractor). I worked on Community Development and got to run a giving campaign that raised $2million for nonprofits in our community. It was amazing! My current job became available in November, I interviewed, and then I started in December. I have been in three different roles at Microsoft within a year and a half span.

A32: How did you find this job opportunity?

MN: My boss thought that I would be a wonderful fit to replace someone that was leaving on a different team. She encouraged me to apply and I was able to have an informational interview with my current boss which had convinced me to apply. My experience was exactly what they were looking for. It was a perfect fit. 

A32: How long were you actively job-searching before you were hired?

MN: Prior to starting as a vendor at Microsoft, there was a 2 month gap where I was just job-searching. It was a painful experience of applying, interviewing, rejection, repeat. When the vendor position opened up, it was exactly what I wanted and I had the capacity to work in a temporary role for a few months since I had just graduated (which was lucky, most people would not be able to take a temporary job). 

A32: What was the application process like?

MN: It was pretty typical! I had an informational interview and then I applied. After that, I had three interviews with different people on my team. The interviews were very behavioural based and conversational. I left them all feeling great because I clicked well with the interviewers. 

A32: What advice do you have for our readers who may be looking for a job at your company or in this role?

MN: First off, try to get coffee (or do a phone informational) with people who have jobs that interest you! Getting your name out there, being curious, and seeing if it would be a great fit for you is always a good idea. Also, I would say to keep trying!! It was not until my third role did I become a full Microsoft employee. It was worth the wait completely. 

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