Homesick: A Short Film

i wish i had a better way to describe the last six months of my life. although i can’t put my finger on a single moment or especially climactic event, i know i’m leaving this era of my life as a different version of myself. throughout this time, i endured excruciating lows and euphoric highs. by the end of it, i learned more about vulnerability, love, forgiveness, and the human condition than ever before. i think more than anything, these past six months have been about showing up for myself. in moments where i’ve felt hurt, confused, angry, lonely, or lost, sometimes from my own doing, i learned to embrace the person i’ve neglected most often in the past; me. this time in my life was for me, even when i couldn’t stand her.

i made a conscious effort to work on homesick every day because something inside me knew i needed it. during the days i felt undeserving of everything, i decided to give myself something. through this process, i stumbled upon the person i’ve always been and hope to grow into after losing sight of her for a disorienting amount of time. six months later, i now have my very own short film. if you happen to watch my little piece of art, thank you. it means more than i could properly express through the notes app of my phone. 

here’s to making something beautiful out of nothing and healing in the process. this is just the beginning.

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