Harry Styles Is Revolutionizing Fashion One Look at a Time

Harry Styles has always been known as the heartthrob of One Direction. During the recent (and final) years of the band, Styles began testing the waters in fashion and quickly made himself a force to be reckoned with.  Now, as a solo artist, Harry is revolutionizing how people view men’s fashion, with GQ UK recently referring to Styles as “the best-dressed man in the world.”

Styles isn’t afraid to be himself, especially when it comes to clothing. From a bubblegum pink suit to a flowy, lace blouse. What would be considered fashion risks for others, become staples in his wardrobe.

In general, Styles tends to push the boundaries with three statement pieces: suits, blouses, and short sleeved collared shirts. Aura 32 wanted to highlight our favorites from Styles’ wardrobe.


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While many celebrities opt for a classic black, or sometimes bold royal blue, suit when attending red carpets; Harry goes above and beyond with his suit selections even if it just means he’s spending a day walking around town. Styles has never been one to shy away from a bright color or a daring pattern. Aura 32 noted a few of the one of a kind suits that only Harry could pull off.

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Firstly, Styles rocked a Hillier Bartley’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection blue velvet suit for his self-titled debut album photo shoot. Not only does this outfit pack a punch, it’s also made for women. Therefore, Styles shows that not only does he not shy away from fashion, but he also redefines gender stereotypes as well. Recently, when speaking with The Sun about his sexuality, Styles stated, “I’ve never felt the need to really” label himself. We appreciate Styles’ statement, and it is evident in his sense of fashion, which we also love!

My personal favorite would have to be the red and white, plaid Vivienne Westwood suit. It was a nice change of pace and start to summer when Styles arrived at Radio One after his single, “Sign of the Times,” was released.

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Thirdly, in this bold and beautiful Asian inspired, custom Gucci suit, Styles impresses in both an unusual pattern and cut. With a wide-leg pant and purple undertones topped with Asian brocade, Styles truly dressed to impress when he was on the Late, Late Show with James Corden to promote his debut album.


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The next look that Styles constantly rocks is a blouse. When people first hear this type of shirt, they typically imagine a woman pulling it off. However, Styles has definitely proved people wrong considering his choice of blouses has produced some of his best looks.

To introduce his debut album, Harry took over the cover and pages of the iconic Rolling Stone magazine. In this issue, one of the feature photos taken was of Styles wearing a Fall 2017 Gucci white turtleneck blouse. Simple yet with a flare, Harry made jaws drop when audiences saw this image. Around the collar to frame his face, Gucci’s blouse included lace detailing. It was intricate, delicate, and added a simple touch to complete the blouse.

(Theo Wenner for Rolling Stone)

In the same Rolling Stone issue, Harry wore a vintage, hot pink Alexander McQueen blouse. Between the bright color and ribbons coming off the top, this blouse embodies the impact Harry has had on male fashion. Long gone are the days when males stick to simple graphic tees; instead, silk is taking Styles by storm.

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Lastly, sticking with the impactful color choice, a pink printed blouse made by Gucci from their 2017 Menswear collection, which was shown during Fashion Week, became the face of Harry Styles’ promo for SNL. Much like the prior McQueen blouse, this top stole the show and brought a smile to Styles’ face in every photo.


(The Late, Late Show With James Cordon)

During his years in One Direction, collared short sleeved shirts had been a signature Styles look. However, he’s recently brought his love for a good button-up to a whole new, high fashion level. While being on James Corden’s famous “Carpool Karaoke,” Styles wore a orange floral shirt made by Gucci. It’s simple, while still adding his signature edge to the outfit. The shirt is striking and makes a statement without overdoing it. Nice job, Harry!

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Next, Styles wore a Blue Blue Japan camp-collared shirt while greeting fans after a surprise performance in New York. This look is laidback, paired with a white t-shirt underneath; yet, continues to show Styles’ flare for fashion.

(Late, Late Show with James Corden)

Finally, Harry matches a white shirt with a Maison Valentino striped collared shirt while acting in a skit on the Late, Late Show. This is perhaps one of Styles’ more low key fashion statements, yet it’s still out of the ordinary from what we normally see in department stores for menswear.

No matter what Harry Styles wears, he manages to make a statement. Harry has elevated male fashion to a place we’ve never seen before. Every outfit packs a punch and leaves fans wanting more. This year is only the beginning of what Harry Styles has in store. With a tour on the way, Styles has a lot more fashion up his (custom made) sleeve.

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