Going on Holiday Alone: Holiyay or Holinay?

Going on holiday alone can seem like the most daunting thing ever; weaving your way through the confusing airport security lines, sitting next to strangers on the flight and inevitably having to attempt to put suncream on your own back. I’m sure I could list more concerns about holiday-ing alone but why dwell on the negatives when you can cast your mind on the positives? While travelling with a companion can be fun and feel reassuring, going solo provides you with an opportunity to venture into the world on your own accord and truly live your best life. From being able to choose whichever cuisine takes your fancy for dinner to only having to grab a single sunbed in the morning, what you’re doing and when you’re doing it is entirely up to you. 

This article will provide you with the pros and cons of solo holiday-ing, so you can decide whether to invite some friends along with you or experience the tranquillity alone. 


There’s Nobody to Put Suncream on Your Back 

With nobody to spare the awkward action of putting suncream on your own back, this may be enough to necessitate inviting a partner to join your trip. 

Taking Instagram Pictures Becomes a Mission 

Unless you are satisfied with taking selfies, getting photos of yourself taken is one of the most annoying things about going on holiday alone. Having to ask people to take your photos can be nerve-racking enough, and more times than not the photos they take aren’t too great either. 

Travelling alone selfies

It Can Get Lonely 

There is no denying that going on holiday with only your own company can get a little lonely. Not having anybody to talk to, share experiences with or even point something out to in the street can make you feel quite isolated. You will inevitably miss friends and family from back home. 

More Pricey 

Staying in hotel rooms and getting taxis without having somebody to split the price with may break the bank. 

There Can Be a Lack of Communication 

Especially if you’re travelling abroad to a foreign country, language barriers can cause some complications; and without a travelling companion to help you out, it can be difficult to communicate with locals. This comes as a huge fear for lone travellers and might stop you from exploring new places alone. 


There is Nobody to Boss You Around 

With the freedom of going on holiday alone, you do not have to follow anyone else’s rules or make any decisions that somebody else may not agree with. This allows you to immerse yourself into experiences that you may not have had the opportunity to otherwise. 

You Can Read Your Book in Peace! 

This is a time when you can focus only on you. Being able to read your book to your hearts content or scroll through social media without ignoring anybody comes as a huge pro for going on holiday alone. 

Travelling alone

You are the Creator of Your Own Destiny 

You decide on the schedule! What time you want to wake up, go to sleep and where to sleep is entirely up to you. Going on holiday alone prevents the classic argument of which cuisine to eat that night; if you fancy a burger, go and get it! Decisions are far simpler when you are alone. 

It Provides You an Opportunity to Prosper 

Probably the biggest advantage of travelling solo is the confidence it gives you. Self-development prospers when you are doing everything individually and going on holiday alone gives you an opportunity to do just that. 

You Make More Friends 

Travelling alone makes you a magnet for others that are in the same boat as you. From starting simple conversations at the bar to planning excursions together, being alone generally makes you more outgoing and therefore make new friends!

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