Five Years of New Year’s Resolutions

It’s interesting to see how in just a matter of five years goals, ambitions, and who we are as people can change. When ringing in the new year there is an emphasis on personal growth or improvement. I am not a huge believer in making resolutions each year, but I always keep something in the back of my mind for the upcoming year. If I were to follow through with every resolution I make, I believe it would positively impact my life. 


Five years ago, I was a junior in high school awaiting my future. The college hunt had begun and the realization that my life was going to change drastically was kicking in. My resolution was to find a college a good distance from home that would allow me to branch out. 


Senior year of high school rolls around and I chose to attend St. Cloud State University. It is a three hour drive from home, which gives me the independence I had been looking for without being too far away. I know that it would be a clean slate for me since I didn’t know of anyone else attending university there. My resolution was to push myself out of my comfort zone. 


Freshman year is when my resolutions began to focus on personal growth. This included becoming the person I had always wanted to be and looked up to. Throughout that year I made a lot of new friendships that I cherish to this day. I continued to push myself out of my comfort zone. 


Sophomore year my resolutions became more friendship-based. Maintaining and creating friendships became extremely important to me. This can be a difficult task at times because everyone gets caught up in their own lives. However, reciprocated efforts in friendships can prove to be some of the most powerful bonds in life.


Last year I made a resolution to turn life’s negatives into positives. Keeping your cool can be hard but, I have found more tolerance and patience. The more deep breaths I take and reflections I make the closer I am to reaching my goals. 

Taking time for reflection and personal growth can change your life. Making new year’s resolutions can be a useful tool in creating a better future for yourself.

Sarah Ambuehl

Lifestyle Writer

Sarah is a Marketing Major with a Global Business Minor. Aspiring to travel the world and help others along the way through nonprofit work. She enjoys exploring new places, photography, painting, and caring for her plant babies.

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