Concordia St. Paul Student Body President Takes Us Through Her Day

Mumina Mohamud, Concordia St. Paul University in Minnesota’s Student Body President, takes us through her busy day as a senior Biology major.

6:30AM: I hit snooze on my alarm.

6:45AM: I hit snooze on my alarm again.

7:00AM: Okay, I actually have to get up now. Sadly, I leave my bed and get ready for the day. I usually don’t eat breakfast and opt for a granola bar after class instead.

7:25AM: I live off-campus (at home actually) which is about 15ish minutes away from campus, but I never really know how traffic is going to go so I try to leave by 7:15 to make it on time for my 8:00AM and still have time to chill beforehand. I guess I was extra tired today because I left later than usual. I grab four cuties on my way out to eat throughout the day.

7:45AM: Traffic is moving slow today because it snowed last night. I probably won’t make it to campus until a few minutes before my class. 

Minnesota traffic after a snowy night (Mumina Mohamud)

8:00AM: I have my first class of the day! Biochemistry! I retain zero information at this time of day, but oh well. I printed Chapter 8 notes beforehand to help focus my attention, but after just a few slides my professor moves on to chapter 10 😐. I eat a cutie in a bid to pay attention. (It doesn’t work and I check my emails instead).

9:15AM: I work on-campus as a tour guide. I don’t enjoy giving tours, but they pay more than other on-campus jobs, so I suck it up. We have 4 tours this morning. One of the other tour guides and I tag team to take 3 of them. 

(Mumina Mohamud)

10:45AM: In lieu of my second class (which is microbiology at 11:30), my professor has given us an online quiz and asked us to go to a teaching demo of a potential faculty member. My tour ran long and I was unable to go, so I am hoping she doesn’t hold it against me.

11:00AM: I’m going to my Student Senate meeting! We meet every week. One of my VPs who usually runs the meetings couldn’t make it today. Therefore, I have to run it instead. Today’s meeting was actually pretty productive.

11:35AM: Since I don’t have class today, I am using this time to study for my quiz. I haven’t done the readings which means I’m hoping all the relevant info is on the slides. It’s due at midnight so I will probably not take it until later tonight.

12:00PM: I eat my granola bar. 

1:00PM: I try to get some work done, but get tired of it. Instead, I head up to the research lab to start some of my work.

2:05PM: I have class at this time, but we often don’t meet because it’s research and independent. However, my professors want to see our progress/results and any issues we have been experiencing. Today, we meet. My professor bullies me for not being able to get our gel imager to work :/.

Gel Imager
Gel imager in the lab (Mumina Mohamud)

2:30PM: I am thinking about all the things I need to do today. I decided to just bite the bullet and take my quiz! It’s on Respondus lockdown browser with the webcam function so I go to the library and reserve a study room to avoid it picking up any background noise. I do better than I expected! (17/20)

3:15PM: I am done with my classes/meetings for the day and don’t feel like starting my next wave of research work. It’s time to head home.

Campus Crush Concordia St. Paul
(Elham Mohamud)

6:00PM: I realize I haven’t eaten much today, so I stop for Chick Fil A (and eat it in the car) on my way to Starbucks!

6:15PM: I am at Starbucks trying to finish my work, but it seems like it will never end!!

8:00PM: I’m tired of being responsible and the Target across the street is calling my name. I pack up and walk around.

9:00PM: I take off my contacts, put on my glasses, and brush my teeth. I know that waking up early is about to hit me soon so I prepare to go to bed.

10:00PM: I’m going to sleep earlier than usual because, even though I don’t have class until noon tomorrow, I have 2 meetings and a teaching demo beforehand. Also, I’m giving myself time to catch up on social media/read Aura’s book club book of the month, Educated! 

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