Cat in the Wall: New Jersey

Cat in the Wall is a band originating from South Jersey. The alternative rock group is our first feature for Your New Favorite Band, highlighting local talent from each of the 50 states. We spoke with Cat in the Wall about their beginnings, live shows, and upcoming debut album.

A32: How did Cat in the Wall come together?

CITW: We met in 2013 at the School of Rock in Cherry Hill, NJ. Kyle (drummer), and Jon (guitarist/vocalist), were best friends before meeting Pat (guitarist). After we started jamming, Kyle 2 filled the bass player spot. We put together a set of covers from our favorite bands with over half devoted to the Foo Fighters. Since then, the lineup hasn’t changed and we have become best friends. We’ve grown up playing all kinds of music with all kinds of people together, making our connection and comfort when creating music stronger. 

Cat in the Wall
Cat in the Wall

A32: Describe your sound for us.

CITW: We’re an alternative rock band at heart, but try to do as much as we can to differentiate ourselves from other rock bands sonically and harmonically. We occasionally incorporate elements of funk, jazz, emo and progressive rock, as well as experiment with sounds and effects.

A32: What musicians inspire Cat in the Wall?

CITW: Some of our most obvious influences include The Strokes, Radiohead, and The Foo Fighters, just to name a few. However, we enjoy listening to and playing various styles of music with other bands and projects, so those influences often leak into our music when we write for Cat in the Wall. 

A32: Have you played live shows? What’s the vibe like?

Cat in the Wall

CITW: We’ve been playing shows since we first came together as a band, beginning with playing covers of our favorite bands. This results in our live shows being the truest expression of our music. We like to make them as fun and energetic as possible. The more fun we have on stage, the more fun it is to watch us. 

A32: What’s the most rewarding moment you’ve had so far?

CITW: One of the most rewarding things about making music is seeing the people that your music reaches. Having people from other states and countries stream our songs, or friends come to shows to support us means the world and reminds us why we started 6 years ago. 

A32: What projects are you currently working on?

CITW: We have been working on our debut full-length album for the past few years, which will present 9 new tracks. We are recording it entirely by ourselves with the help of our good friend Ryan Farragut, who is producing and mixing it with us. This setting allows us to experiment with expression, and we are excited for its release.

Cat in the Wall
Cat in the Wall

A32: What advice do you have for other musicians looking to start a band and release their own music?

CITW: We still have a long way to go, but for other, younger bands, being able to communicate and grow with the people you play with makes a world of difference. This can only be achieved by practicing way more than you think is necessary. 

For more from Cat in the Wall, you can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates about their debut album and live shows. Their music is also available on Bandcamp.

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