Adapting to Cancer Season

As socially-motivated Gemini season comes to an end, high emotional energy will take over in Cancer season. Here is what to expect from the coming water sign month.

Cancer season constellation
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Cancer season begins on June 22nd and ends on July 22nd. Symbolized by the self-protective crab, it is the most influential water sign and the most feminine of the zodiac. Its constellation is Karkinos, the giant crab that Heracles was tasked with exterminating.

Cancer season


During Cancer season, heightened sensitivity and deeper emotional connections cause you to look inward. Gemini season urged you to get out and create new bonds, while Cancer season lures you back into yourself. Self-care will soon become a priority, consciously or unknowingly. Cancer season reminds you to reflect on your emotional balance. Moods may change quickly due to swirling emotions, but this is not a negative effect. Falling into your feels will be more common than any other season. Allowing yourself to feel emotions deeply will help propel you closer to fulfillment.

Cancer seasons brings on a surge of soft emotion. For those single during Cancer season, use next month to tidy up emotional disarray. For couples, this season is teeming with romantic opportunity. In certain situations, it might feel as though you are overreacting or too invested over something minuscule but this is the manifestation of emotions lying under the surface. It’s important to stay out of drama during Cancer season; your emotions are not the only thing being strengthened. Confrontation can come easily, and it is best to keep a level head during this water season.


Cancer rules the fourth house of the zodiac, which is perhaps the most essential house as it has much to do with foundation. Internal and external foundations are the focus of Cancer season. While you might find it purifying to fix the emotions inside yourself, remember that outward behavior is just as important. Connections with family and close friends will flourish. You may also find yourself spending time with a select few rather than with groups. This is typical for Cancer season; as you are tending to the emotions of those closest to you (including yourself), others that aren’t essential to growth will find themselves on your backburner. However, it’s important to remember that emotions peak during water seasons. This can be a window for reconnecting with a significant person from your past, but your emotional stability must be kept as your top priority.

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