A Talk With Sam Carr

Sam Carr, a 21 year old media student living in London, is beginning to make waves on Youtube with his creative videos. He has currently amassed 2,058 subscribers (as of April 22 2017) and continues to expand his audience with each video he uploads. We talked with Sam about his inspiration for videos, what makes a good youtuber, and what his audience can look forward to in the future!

OF: What first made you want to have a career in media and what do you love about it?

SC: I just feel like there’s so much creativity in it and it’s such an important thing in this day and age. There’s so many opportunities with it and so many different things you can go into. Every single business needs media, which people don’t realize.

OF: What made you decide to start a youtube channel and can you name a few people who have inspired you?

SC: I just started my youtube channel because I was bored, really. To be completely honest, I was just bored and I thought ‘oh this is something to do in my free time, something to work towards.’ And now, I’ve been doing Youtube for a couple of years.

The main people that inspired me to do it were Jack and Finn (Jacksgap), Connor Franta, and Our 2nd life. I used to watch them all the time. Jack and Finn especially I just really loved their travel videos and the way that they would present how beautiful the places that they went to were. That made me want to start and get into that and just show how beautiful these places in the world are. Those are my favorite videos to make, when I go traveling and make a memory of that, to make something visual that shows that.

OF: There are so many people starting their own channels on Youtube now; what do you think separates the people who become successful on this platform?

SC: I think seeing people who really love doing what they do and spend a lot of time planning and making their videos separates those that are successful from the people who are in it for the money or fame. I think that you can tell when people are making videos because they properly enjoy it and not only doing it for the money or benefits from it. There’s a clear difference between that.


OF: What is the most difficult part of trying to maintain consistency/a schedule with your content?

SC: Having to keep with the schedule when there are a lot of things due for school and work leads to not having the time to finish videos. Sometimes when I do videos where I’m just talking to the camera I can record, edit, upload & schedule in the same day. There are a few times where I have to miss Friday, the day that I try and upload on, because I have too many things going on that week but I do try to remain consistent. As for more complicated videos, I’ll edit it as a continuous thing over about a week or so, just so I can work properly on them.

OF: What has been the most rewarding part of sharing your content?

SC: Reading people’s comments is really exciting, hearing that people have enjoyed the content that I’m making is definitely rewarding. But, I’d have to say that the most rewarding part about all of this has to be the friendships that I’ve made. I’ve been able to travel all over the country to see people that I’ve met through Youtube. I really love that when we all meet up and go to events that we all record what’s going on. Watching everyone’s videos afterwards is always very cool because we all show the same event from different perspectives. And there’s definitely the travelling part as well, since starting Youtube I’ve been more willing to get out more and see the world, which is very rewarding!

OF: Since you’re studying media in school, is there a type of media that you prefer and what types of projects would you like to be a part of in the future?

SC: Definitely video! I love everything about creating videos. Last year I had to create a video on how London can be defined as a ‘City in Motion’ and that was very exciting to do! I also enjoyed some of my photography projects! The more practical projects are definitely my favourites, rather than the essays!

OF: What video has been your favorite that you’ve done so far?

SC: My travel videos! Most recently, the New York one but I also really love the LA one that I made last year. I also like to work extremely hard on those videos and make them happy for myself mostly, to look back at that trip and the memory of it. As for anything else, I’ve started doing monthly favourites haul type videos and I’m enjoying doing that a lot!

OF: Congrats on 2k subscribers! What can your subscribers expect from you in the future?

SC: They can expect better content, not in a way that the content isn’t good now but I’m constantly learning with every single video I post. I’ve started to do lookbooks and fashion videos actually! I haven’t uploaded a lookbook yet but I’ve been planning it out. I want to go more into men’s fashion, I feel like it’s not really a big thing at the moment. And also traveling! I’m going back to LA in Vidcon so I’ll be vlogging! I post those on my second channel which I love having because it’s a place where I can post some of the more fun, silly videos that I do when I go places and whatever I want to put together.

OF: Do you have any specific advice to give our readers that may be interested in starting a channel like you have?

SC: Definitely just go for it! Find something that you really love, there’s so many things you can do on Youtube now. I feel like there’s a place for anyone and just get out there and film!

I had such a great time chatting with Sam about his Youtube! You could really tell that he has so much love for what he does and for the people that support him! I definitely recommend that if you were interested in the types of videos we featured to check out more on his channel!

Make sure to subscribe to Sam on Youtube if you enjoyed the interview and his videos! You can also find Sam on twitter and instagram!

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