A New Taylor Swift Era is Finally Here

After all of the theories, countdowns, and freakouts, Taylor Swift finally announced that her seventh studio album, Lover, will be released on August 23rd. Because Taylor’s favorite and lucky number is 13, it is only appropriate that it will drop that day because adding 8,2, and 3 equals 13. 

The Album

It will feature eighteen songs, more than any of her past standard version albums, and will have four deluxe versions. These include the CD with two recordings of songs, a poster, lyric book, a blank journal, and exclusive content for each version. They are available for preorder at Target and her website. 

The tone of the album will be very romantic, Swift told fans via her livestream. “The idea of something being romantic, it doesn’t have to be a happy song. I think you can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life. It just looks at those things with a very romantic gaze.”

The cover for Lover is filled with a pastel sky and a heart around Swift’s eye. The follow-up to Reputation will be her first release in the summer. Lover will also be the first album released under her new label, Republic. 

Along with the release of the album, Swift announced that there will be a collaboration with clothing designer, Stella McCartney, whose clothes she has been wearing lately. 

The Singles

To kick off 13 years of her career and the new era, Swift released the lead single, “ME!,” with Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie. Together, their voices created a magical song. 

“ME!’ is about individuality: embracing it and owning it. The video had numerous Easter eggs, including the name of her album and second single. Fans went crazy trying to figure out what the names would be and what future clues might lie in the video, as Swift told fans. 

In just two months the video has already racked up 200,000,000+ views. 

On June 14th, Swift released the second single from the album, “You Need to Calm Down.” The single is her most political one yet. It supports LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and equality for all. Three days later, the star-studded music video dropped and fans freaked out. 

There drag queens, celebrities, and definitely a lot more clues. But, importantly, Swift finally acknowledged that her feud with Katy Perry is over. Perry appeared in the video in the same burger costume she wore to the Met Gala. Swift was dressed up as fries, making the perfect Happy Meal. 

We can only hope this will lead to a powerful female collaboration shattering records and our minds. 

Much to Look Forward to

This Summer is an exciting time for Swifties. Fans expect secret sessions, a potential tour announcement, and everything that comes with a new era.

Taylor Swift is truly happy with her life right now and it reflects in her songs. If the rest of her album is anything like the last two singles, we will be truly blessed. 

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