A Letter From Who I Knew I Was Meant To Be  

Dear Future Christina,

“I want you to remember that you love learning more than anything. Today we voted on our class mascot. It was fun being in charge of the Brown Bear Team. We won! (1st Grade, Journal).

Reading and writing are some of your favorite subjects and I think you are pretty good at them. You also love to tell stories. With writing you have the chance to express your feelings and communicate your thoughts in different ways (5th Grade, Autobiography).

You come from a home in which communication is vital. You come from pure honesty, persistence, and knowing that your decisions have made you the person that you are today (7th Grade, I Come From Poem).

In five years, you intend to major in Public Relations at a school in the city in order to eventually reach the position of a Public Relations Specialist or Campaign Manager. Public Relations is not only a field that you are well-suited for, but also one that you will enjoy. This year you must complete all your assignments, study hard, and participate. Additionally, it is essential that you keep a strong mindset, stay focused, and are determined to reach your goals (8th Grade, Future Career Speech).

Some of your interests have changed throughout the last couple of years. Though you do not know for certain, you now plan to major in a biology-related field in college. If you are being honest with yourself, you are not beholden to this field of study. When it comes down to it, you just want to help people. Sometimes you feel like you tell yourself that you want to become a doctor because you are desperate to make other people’s lives better (10th Grade, Personal Introduction Paper).

Next year you will be attending Temple University as an Honors College student. You always knew you would end up in a city because opportunity and diversity are most plentiful there. Philadelphia’s population is close to 1.6 million. Every day, all those different people connect with each other over a span of 141.7 square miles. This overwhelms you, but it also drives your interest in our common humanity. Right now you have no clue what you’ll be studying, and you’re perfectly okay with that. You find it unnecessary to put a major down on paper when passion is meant to be unlabeled and interests are still undiscovered. You’ve learned that personal confines do more harm than good. You now know to live in honor of your past, present, and future selves, for only then can you find purpose (12th Grade, Senior Speech).”


Past Christina

P.S. You start your second year of college in two weeks. You feel grounded in your decision to double-major in Public Relations and Political Science. You’ve learned a lot. You know that your opinions should hold strength in the same way your aspirations do and that your fear shouldn’t spawn from the idea of failure but instead from the possibility of limiting yourself. The greatest thing you possess is your conviction. Within the last seven months you’ve worked on your first City Government campaign and interned at a nonprofit PR firm. You’re proud of yourself, as you should be. There’s nothing you love more than advocating for others. Perhaps this is just the result of constantly recognizing the need to advocate for yourself. Sometimes you wonder if your past uncertainty is justified. Today you know that this confusion has only solidified who you were always meant to become. Keep trusting your gut.

Christina Borst


Christina is currently studying Public Relations and Political Science at Temple University. A native of Greater Philadelphia, she bears the self-proclaimed titles of Pixar connoisseur, concert junkie, and organizational goddess. She is a proud supporter of the feminist agenda.

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