A Day In The Life As A Sophomore @ Pace University

Madison is a sophomore Communication Studies major at Pace University in New York, New York. She also minors in Digital Media Studies. She chose to go to Pace for its urban location, financial aid the school gave her, and the diversity the school and city promotes.


9:00 AM: Although my class isn’t until 10:35 AM, I need room in my schedule to hit snooze about three times. I get ready and leave around 10 AM just in case the elevator takes a long time (I live on the 29th floor of my building!!!).

My view that I can’t get over

10:35 AM: I have a bagel in one hand and Starbucks in the other (thank God it’s included in my meal plan). I’m taking a course called Milestones in Communication Research and likely not paying attention because the slides are always posted after class. Instead, I daydream about traveling and look up flights to random places a gal can only dream of.

12:15 PM: Another class. French!

2:00 PM:  I head back to my cafe to grab a sandwich and fruit before I head to work. I work at my school’s call center and reach out to alumni to get donations for the school. Yes, I’m practically a telemarketer. Yes, I hate being THAT person. But hey, a girl needs money.

Call center fam!!

5:00 PM: Break time. I usually go and get more food. There’s not much to do at a call center other than eating, reading, or getting some homework done.  Sometimes, I eat my food in Seaport, a little neighborhood right next to Pace, on the East River facing Brooklyn.

Seaport <3

9:00 PM: Finally free from work!!!!!

9:30 PM: Now, I’m either talking to my roommates, on my phone, or debating if I should start my homework. I’m probably staring out my window and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I go to bed with this view every night.

2/3 of my roomies!

11:00 PM: Showered. I’m now in bed and probably watching Youtube or SNL reruns. This goes on until 1 AM. I do not condone this when you have class at 9 AM, but I continue to do it anyway.


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