6 Socially Distant Date Night Ideas

In a long-distance relationship? Unable to spend this time of social distancing with your significant other? I know how stressful and upsetting it can be to be away from your partner for an extended time. I’ve had time to think and get creative about ways to spend time together without your average video chats. Here are some exciting date night ideas: 

Channel Your Inner Bob Ross

A paint and sip night is a creative way to relax, and you can do it virtually with your significant other! Gather any materials you have at home and order the extra supplies you need. My boyfriend and I were able to get these 2×2 boards for $3 each at Home Depot and they worked perfectly! (We painted them white first as a base before starting our painting of choice for the night) 

Once you’ve made your drinks, head to Youtube and search for a beginner painting tutorial. Here’s the video we followed and our final pieces! We paused the video between each step as we completed it and took our time. It’s an easy way to participate in something creative without needing to have artistic talent! (Trust me, I still draw stick figures!) 

You could also try to each paint one half of the artwork. Put them together to make it whole next time you see each other!

Chopped Dinner Date Challenge

To make FaceTime dinners more exciting, try an at-home version of the Food Network show, Chopped! Each of you will pick four ingredients to assign to the other. You will then make yourself dinner and must include your assigned ingredients in the recipe.

Enjoy and critique your meal over dinner together. Try to recreate one of the meals when you see each other next! 

Start Watching a TV Series Together

Make yourself cozy, have a cup of tea, and grab some snacks as you prepare to argue with your boyfriend/girlfriend for a half hour over what TV series to start. Try to pick something you both haven’t seen to make it more interesting. You can watch the shows separately and text at the same time, video chat while watching, or use a video service to stream the show together online (like Netflix Party or Kast). Since you most likely won’t be able to always watch the show at the same time, you can text updates as you check off episodes. 

This might not be the preferable date night idea if your s/o always watches five episodes ahead of you! However, it’s always nice to have someone to discuss storylines and characters with as the seasons unfold.

You could also try starting a book club together, but my boyfriend is not a reader so we stick to TV shows and movies.

Mood Board

Find yourself daydreaming about the trips you want to take? Use your free time to put together mood boards on Pinterest or Photoshop of the trips you’d love to go on! Schedule a call to exchange mood boards with your significant other and chat about the future plans you share with each other. 

Game Night 

If you’re as competitive as my boyfriend and I are, you’ll want to have a virtual game night. It can be as simple as a few iMessage games or you can have a full tournament. One of personal favorites (and also to play with friends) is Skribbl.io which is an online version of Pictionary. To make it more entertaining, use Zoom or FaceTime to video chat as you play. It may even make you forget you aren’t together with your s/o in person.  

For an alternative activity, create a Kahoot about yourself and test your boyfriend/girlfriend’s knowledge.

Spa Night

Head to your local drugstore or order face masks online for each other. You can grab some snacks and turn on your new tv series to watch. It’s a way to enjoy time together and to recap your day. 

I recommend the Neutrogena Hydrogel face masks (Hydroboost is my fave) because the masks are easy to apply, stick well to your face, and don’t drip everywhere. If you want the full spa experience, it also comes with eye and lip flaps for full coverage! 

The Crème Shop animal face masks are cute and hilarious! If you wish, send each other masks to exchange and surprise your s/o with this silly day brightener. 

Lastly, I love the L’Oréal clay masks which are easy to apply, take off, and are effective. They have different offerings depending on the treatment you want and are for multiple-use, which means more spa days! 

We hope these serve as some inspiration for your next date night! If you try any of these ideas, let us know how they went! Share photos and videos with the #shareyouraura on social media and tag us @aurathirtytwo. 

Liv Fitzsimons

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Liv is a recent Temple University graduate with a degree in Media Studies and Production and certificate in American Sign Language. A city girl at heart, she divvies up her free moments by exploring literature and music. On the unending quest to find the perfect pizza, Olivia holds a resolute passion for sports. She invites you to get lost in the wonderment of Aura 32, a project she impressively founded at age fifteen.

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