4 Summer 2019 Outfit Essentials

As the days get warmer and nights are longer, it can seem as though finding the perfect outfit is harder. Rummaging through your wardrobe every morning to find something cute can feel like an impossible mission. However, with the help of these four staple items, you can easily relieve yourself of that extra summer stress. 

The Midi Skirt 

Back in fashion for 2019, the midi skirt is essential for your wardrobe! Paired with a simple t-shirt or cute cami, a midi skirt can be styled with footwear tailored to any occasion. Ideal for those slightly chilly summer nights, you can dress up your outfit with a pair of heels and a denim jacket, or even some comfy sandals to see you through daytime to evening. 

The Little Crossbody Bag 

outfit essentials for the summer
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Picture this; you’re getting ready for a night out with friends and family, watching the sunset in the breeze. You’ve picked out your favourite new dress, only to realise there are no pockets to stash your purse, phone, or keys. So, there’s a decision to make. Do you change into jeans or shorts to make use of those handy pockets we so often take for granted, or do you try and find a bag to match that can discreetly fit your essentials? 

Easy, you pick the second option. When it comes to the summer, a little cross body bag is a must-have for your closet. Whether you choose bright and patterned or a simple black or beige design, the cross body bag will add to your outfit – whilst being extremely handy! 

Chunky Sandals 

Most people can agree that there’s nothing worse than walking around all day in thick, clunky shoes in unbearable heat. Hot and sweaty feet are best avoided throughout the summer months, despite how much we might all love our old, faithful trainers and comfy go-to boots. 

However, the “what to wear” crisis can be solved easily by adding a pair of chunky sandals to your shoe closet. Perfect to combine with almost any outfit, I can guarantee you will practically be living in them this summer. Hurrah for letting your feet breathe! 

If you’re looking to buy a pair, my recommendations include ASOS and Zara. Don’t forget to use the “Eco Edit” filters for sustainable bargains that won’t harm the environment. 

The White Shirt Dress 

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This last item is another must-have when it comes to your summer wardrobe, especially if you love simplicity! The white shirt dress is casual yet classy and looks amazing with a pair of brown wedged heels. If you want to add a bit extra to the look, try a matching brown clutch. 

If you’re an avid social media user (which most of us are) then it’s probably a trend you’ve seen plastered over your screens for the past few years. However, the great thing about this item is how versatile it is. You can add any accessories to put your own unique stamp on the look. Whether it be belts, bags, or jewellery; there’s no limit to the different outfit adaptations you can create.

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