3 Affordable Weekend Getaways

Unless you’re an influencer or multi-millionaire with more money than concern for the health of your family, you’re probably not traveling the world right now. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your vacation days. Here are a few weekend getaway ideas that include social distancing, memorable experiences, and unique stays. 

Cabin in the Mountains:

Last year, my boyfriend, friends, and I road-tripped to Shenandoah, VA to spend a weekend in a cabin. Although ours was quite large considering the amount of people, there are cabins available just for two. Our cabin was clean, cozy, and came with WiFi, a firepit, grill, and hot tub. It was only a 10 minute ride from the Shenandoah National Park so there’s plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for exploration. There are beautiful mountain views at all times of the day but the crystal clear view of the stars at night was incredible to see. We even saw a bear walking through the backyard from our patio (okay my friends did; I was still sleeping). It’s a trip we always reminisce about and swear we’ll do again.

Tiny Home Rental:

Tiny House Rental

Tiny homes are all the rage – and now you can vacation in them! I discovered Tiny Estates, a tiny home community just outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Despite a variety of rentals available, people also live as full-time residents in the community. I booked one for my boyfriend’s birthday in February and it’s still one of our fondest memories together. (He’s obsessed with Kevin Hart which is how I stumbled upon their Kevin Hart collab tiny house!) The staff are accommodating and the location is quiet and beautiful with the houses all surrounding two ponds. Outside there are firepits, grills, hot tubs, and games like cornhole. The tiny homes are priced like a hotel stay, but I can assure you they’re well worth it.

Camping (Pop-up):

The best part: all you need is a tent. If you saw my recent article, you’ll know I renovated a pop-up camper this summer. If you’re looking for a trip to be closer to nature, this may be the move for you. Although buying a camper is an investment, campsites are affordable and you can slowly make the camper your own over time (on a budget too nonetheless, check the article out!) Most campsites are now open and there’s often bike trails, hiking, and courts for sports. So long as you take the proper precautions and wash your hands, you should be able to enjoy a nice, safe camping experience! One of our favorite things to do in the camper is hold movies nights; bring your laptop and a speaker and make yourself comfortable! 

Liv Fitzsimons

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