15 Summer Date Ideas That Won’t Make Your Wallet Sweat

Summer is upon us, which means many of us are on the lookout for some summer lovin’. 

Whether you’re meeting up with your latest Tinder date or looking for something new to do with your long-term partner, summer is the perfect time to venture out of your dating comfort zone. 

From beach days to sports games, and day drinking to picnics, there are plenty of dates that you and your crush can go on in the warm weather. Added bonus: dates during the summer tend to be much cheaper than those in the winter! 

Here are 15 summer date ideas that are bound to be a sizzling success:

Take a Road Trip 

Jump in the car and see where the road takes you! Who knows where you’ll end up. If neither of you can drive, travelling around the country on public transport can be just as fun. Make sure you get that playlist ready! 

Beach Day 

Summer is perfect for soaking up the sun and eating massive amounts of ice-cream. Where better than the beach to do so? Grab your beach towel, slap on some sun cream, and get those toes in the sand. 

Go Camping 

Whether you’re setting up a tent in your back garden or going full out glamping, there’s nothing more romantic than a night spent under the stars with your loved one. Don’t forget the marshmallows! 

Go for a Picnic 

This classic date idea will never grow old. Make some sandwiches or go to your local supermarket for a meal deal and some snacks. Either way, a picnic under the hot sun is an affordable alternative to just going for a meal. 

Play a Game of Mini Golf 

Feeling competitive? Challenge your partner to a game of mini golf. Though, if your partner’s keeping score, make sure there’s no cheating. 

If you fancy a twist on classic mini golf, check out a mini golf bar. That way when you beat your partner you can have a drink (or two) to celebrate. 


From helping with beach cleans to lending a hand with running your local community centre, volunteering can be great fun. Not only will you be hanging out with your crush, but you’ll also be making a difference. 

Day Drink at a Beer Garden 

What’s better than a cold crisp beer on a sunny afternoon? If beer’s not your thing, not to worry. There will, of course, be other beverages available to choose from. 

Bake Something 

Challenge yourselves to create the biggest and craziest cake you can. Because let’s face it, cookies are for amateurs. This is also your chance to start a food fight.

Attend a Game 

Whether it’s football, basketball or baseball you and your bae are into, go and cheer on your favourite team at a game. Don’t forget your foam finger! 

Go for a Boat Ride 

From an evening dinner cruise to a few hours out on a pedalo, boat rides can be very romantic. If you don’t get sea sick that is. 

Wash Your Car 

With summer’s long days and warm weather, there is no excuse for a dirty car. Hit repeat on Rose Royce’s “Car Wash,” grab some soapy water and give your car back its sparkle. Remember the water fight! 

Go Hiking

If you and your partner are the active types, why not head out on a hike? You can either conquer a famous trail or make up your own, either way, you’ll surely get some great pictures along the way. 

Attend a Festival 

It’s a myth that all outdoor concerts cost big bucks. There are plenty of free shows you can attend. Admittedly, world-famous popstars are unlikely to be on the lineup. But, that doesn’t mean that you and your love can’t enjoy the day and have a bit of a boogie. You may even discover some amazing unknown artists. 

Go to a Theme Park 

If you identify as a bit of a thrill seeker, being spun upside down on rollercoasters may be a perfect date. If you’re like me, terrified of rides, having your partner to hold your hand may be exactly what you need to conquer your fear. 

Visit the Animals 

Spending the day at either the zoo, aquarium, or on a farm is a fun day out. Not to mention, it’s packed full of cute photo opportunities.

Karis Nash

Lifestyle Writer

Aspiring writer and animal lover, Karis, is a 20-year-old media student from the UK. If not found indulging in a chai latte and reading Vogues latest edition, you may find Karis walking around central London with a camera in her hands. She loves to travel and wishes to discover all that the world has to offer.

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